Frequently asked questions on EET Electrostimulator:

Is it Safe ?


The Electrostimulator micro-pulses of electricity are perfectly safe due to the very low intensity level that is delivered.

Everyone has small flows of electric currents, which interconnect the neurons in the brain.

Microcurrents the EET creates are of the same magnitude as the ones flowing naturally in our brains..

The EET is an extremely safe and almost imperceptible treatment and there are no reported side effects of any kind..

It has even been used by pregnant women as an alternative to medication.

Can I feel better from day one ?

It is perfectly possible, many people report benefits after the first use of the EET.

Typically, it can be expected that, as a stimulus that enables the brain itself go rediscovering his balance, improvements should be seen after 4 to 6 weeks of daily use.

It's action is progressive and cumulative.

How does it work ?

It is believed that the micro-current pulses stimulate parts of the brain such as the thalamus and hypothalamus, causing them to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that gives the feeling of wellness.

That why stimulating segregation of those subtances, depression and anxiety goes away.

It also makes endorphins that lower stress and pain quickly generated, although the exact mechanism is unknown.

It is experimenting with different pulse shapes and frequencies for more than 16 years, which has led to the efficiency that makes EET a much more effective device, compared to all known systems that works on the same principle.

Furthermore it seems that the transcranial stimulator increases the production of myelin, the protective nerve cell substance that prevent undesirable interconnections within the brain.

Many studies have shown that small amounts of electricity produces growth and regeneration of myelin cells in the brain.

Myelin is the insulating sheath that covers nerves: This could be an important discovery, since myelin is decreased in patients with certain disorders and diseases such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

With the Electrostimulator, the brain is "re-educated" back to work correctly, stimulating and balancing the production of neurotransmitters and endorphins that lower anxiety and related conditions thereto, thus resulting in good humor and desire to live life in a more rewarding and enjoyable way, with all the implications thereof.

Should I leave the medication ?

Initially NO: Psychotropic drugs and EET act in a complementary manner especially at the beginning of the application of EET.

Your doctor will be the only one authorized,after a couple of months, to reduce your medication, according to the evolution of your case.

We are at your disposal to give you references on similar cases to yours.

Experience with the EET is highly positive, being often been able to reduce and even eliminate the medication. For more details, see the testimony of creator.

The EET is free of toxicity and side effects and can be used perfectly in children and during pregnancy..

It is approved ?

Yes, it is approved by the FDA of USA:

Statement from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) US State Agency for evaluation and approval of medications, treatments and food: Food and Drug Administration of USA:

... An FDA-cleared electrical device that effectively treats depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain.

Unlike traditional 'shock therapy,' this treatment, called (EET)( Electro EstimulaciĆ³n Transcraneal), delivers a dose of electricity that is almost undetectable.

These "micro-currents" attempt to mimic the body's own natural electrical function.

In doing so, it is thought that they stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for neurotransmitter and hormone production.

Most users report a feeling of overall well-being after use.

In addition, clinical studies have shown an increase in both serotonin and beta-endorphin levels.

Patients with treatment-resistant depression have shown significant (P.0089) elevations in plasma serotonin,.

Increases in cerebrospinal fluid level of beta-endorphins up to 219%, plasma endorphins up to 98%, and cerebrospinal fluid serotonin up to 200% have been demonstrated in normal volunteers receiving 20 minutes of EET...

2006 AUG 28 --- EET=CES

What do doctors tell patients when they want to test the EET ?

Most say: ". If you want to try it, it won't hurt you", but, more and more ones directly recommend it as it has no contraindications or side effects.

If you knew how much people has the EET helped!!

At this time the EET is a system that could cure many more people than it is healing right now, but those who treat these diseases would not recommend the EET, because psychotropic drugs do not cure, only weaken or relieve symptoms and are only sold with archived recipe, so don't have interest in cures: They have interest on continuous income of money and drugs offer exactly that.

The EET is a homeostatic system and causes the body to react by producing their own healing.

The Electrostimulator is now very safe, has no side effects, and can be used in people of any age.

By contrast, most of antidepressant and antianxiety medications that are on the market, carry warnings as "black box" and many have not been approved for use in children.

Background on the EET:

This system emerged in the former USSR as "electrosleep" and that study was later taken by several research groups in USA and Europe and by our team at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Cordoba, Argentina, with results than eventually met the level of the desired optimization, eventually leading to this latest version of EET.

The qualitative difference of EET is in the shaping of the stimulation pulses.