About us

I am nombre - Academic Professor and Electronics Engineer: I have specialized in electronics applied to medicine and was the first Argentine who developed a cardiac pacemaker, implanted in over 6000 patients with great success.

And I am the developer of the EET.

As I am Electronic Engineer, specialized in electromedicine and being the brain a system that works by electrical impulses, in 1998 I decided to study this subject on my own and developed this "external pacemaker" which I called EET (Transcranial Electro Stimulator), which stimulates and allows the brain to restore its own balance, just by half hour at each application .

Due to this development, in 2004, I was offered a Chair for Research in the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, and since then we have been using and perfecting the system in many patients, depressive disorders anxiety, and bipolar (using double blind tests), with excellent results.

The current encarnation of the EET is really wonderful: This little device offers an effective treatment of those disorders, and that treatment is obtained with virtually no contraindications or unbearable side effects, so common with almost all psychiatric drugs that are used in these cases.

I continue from my electronic laboratory, fully dedicated to further improve and refine the EET, working with the same people, the same scientific rigor and increasingly enthusiastic as we get more and more successful treatment stories.

This device was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the US.