How does the EET work?

The EET is connected to the earlobes by the easy, practical and painless application of two electrodes.

Using a common 9-volt battery, produces micro-impulses of electricity, so small that almost are not perceived by the user.

These micro-current pulses traverse the brain and go through the thalamus and hypothalamus, stimulating areas of the brain responsible for producing and balancing of neurotransmitters and hormones.


The deficiency or imbalance of these chemicals are a cause or consequence of many brain pathologies such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders such as GAD, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia, and most of psychosomatic illnesses.

It has been shown effective in cases of fibromyalgia and epilepsy and aid to prevent conditions which cause convulsions.

Tests have shown surprising results:

The tests show that by using the EET, increases by more than 219% of the cerebrospinal fluid, levels of endorphins, and increases of the plasma beta-endorphin in more than 98%.

These substances are what give us the feeling of peace and welfare, and the increase of serotonin levels in cerebro-spinal fluid in more than 200%, stabilizes patient mood, giving tranquility to him.