Instructions on how to use the Transcranial Electro Stimulator (EET)

    ear usage
  1. Wet with water the lobes of the right and left ears, then place the electrodes at a comfortable position at the lower end part of the earlobe. Care must be taken that electrodes should touch the ears with less than half the surface of rings, so it is not annoying.
  2. Turn on the EET by turning the knob until you feel the 'click': The small light turns on and starts flashing to the rhythm of stimulation. Turn in either direction until you feel the pulse in the earlobes so gently (barely perceptible). To increase volume or intensity of the pulses does not increase the effectiveness of the EET: To the contrary, effectivity will be decreased. In this position, the EET, will work permanently, stimulating the brain to enter the alpha rhythm, which is what occurs when the brain is in a relaxed and full attention state.
  3. The application session should last 30 minutes. But if you are feeling better, you are free to keep the session running for as long as you want. Be sure to be in a comfortable place (reading, meditating, relaxing, sleeping, watching TV, etc.).
  4. During the first 4 weeks, you should at least make 2 daily sessions with the EET.
  5. After application, wash electrodes with clean Water; Dry with a suitable cloth.

Maintenance therapy sessions starts from the time the patient feels reasonably well: It should be once a day, 2 or 3 sessions per week.

Possible normal reactions:

Some people experiment drowsiness, in which case it is advisable to use it just before going sleep. Feeling of pulsation in the temples when lying down. If you experiment insomnia, and want to sleep a bit more, you can apply the EET, trying to go to sleep with electrodes placed. (No matter how long but leave the EET at the minimum position: It is not necessary that you are sick or stressed, so you can enjoy the benefits of this system. Using it only 20 minutes a day you can feel good about yourself in different circumstances and using your own power and internal energy to change and improve your mental state; efficiency at work, family, sex, sport life etc.

Statistically the EET produces improvement in 95% (including the placebo effect which is typically 25% in double-blind tests) of those who use it.

There is no way to know exactly how many days will take for the first improvements in humor. Sometimes it happens just a few days from the start of treatment, decreases slightly in the next few days and after 3-8 weeks reappears permanently.

Over the months patients usually notice a healing effect, and consider the possibility of reducing medication doses (always advised by their personal doctors)

Those with severe anxiety, addictive or compulsive behaviors, may find it necessary to use it more often than usual (several times a day): It is perfectly fine, as no adverse effects were seen on prolonged usage of the device, For addictions it is advised to use it as long as possible, or all the time. In addition, the EET treatment can be supplemented with any conventional medication, at the discretion of the specialist. In that sense it is important in our view to do everything we can to suffer as little as possible to avoid the entrenchment or entrenchment of the disease.

In the case of the treatment of the depressive phase of bipolar patients, they must strictly follow the instructions of the specialist, since the time and mode of use may differ drastically, although there are no contraindications in the aforementioned conventional use.

This system can be used by pregnant women, since there are no contraindications.

All this information is for illustrative purposes and MUST NOT REPLACE YOUR DOCTOR ADVICE

Besides being used in the conventional manner, as explained above, the EET can be used for prolonged periods, in order to produce a temporary remission of symptoms and also to improve attention deficits in certain situations: studies, delicate work that deserve a higher concentration, etc..


When you notice that the EET has stopped working or stimulation in the lobes is very small, which occurs after several months of normal use, you should proceed to replace it:

Case base must be removed by prying with a screwdriver or similar item. As this base is held in place by pressure, you need not to loose any screw. After removing the base, find the general purpose 9volt alkaline battery, type 6LR61 you get in any supermarket, hardware store or kiosk, and replace it.