Product Purchase:

Residents in Argentina:

You can buy paying on delivery, requesting it to mail or calling to the phone phone.

Just give us your name, address and nothing else: We will send it to your home and you will pay to the postman on delivery when the device arrives in a day or two.

Rest of the world:

The fastest and safest way for you to buy the EET is as follows:

You go to the nearest Western Union or MoneyGram agency (if you give us your country and address, we can tell you the address of the nearest to your home agency) and there do the transfer of us$ 270 ​​or the equivalent in the currency of your country on behalf of:

nombre2 (ATTENTION: it is NOT Aguilar)

direccion1 (mail)


Once the transfer is done, you must write us about it to the following email address (mail) or by phone (phone), you send us the 10-digit number (Western Union) or the 8 digits code (MoneyGram), the data and address of the person who made ​​the operation and your personal details like your address to which immediately we will send you the EET by Correo Argentino Express, or EMS, if you pay an extra $ 30 (or a total of $ 287) for faster delivery (approximately 10 days): In any of the two forms the device will be delivered to your door.

Other payment methods:

You can also pay us thru PayPal, being the value of the product 270 USD, that can be financed in installments with your credit card. As soon as the payment is credited to our account, we will proceed to send the product to your registered address

pp paypal Buy Now
visa mastercard amex discover

Package tracking:

Tracking of the package containing the EET can made using Tracking International Shipments from Correo Argentino

Limited Warranty:

In the event that the device once received, does not work due to manufacturing or labor defects, the warranty will be exclusively limited to repairing or replacing the device with a new one, at our sole and exclusive criterion - The shipping costs will always be paid by the buyer.

Prior to the shipment, you MUST contact us to coordinate the shipment and we will give you the information on where you should send it, because if you do not contact us, we will not be responsible for it.

The warranty is only on manufacturing defects, and is lost due to misuse, misuse, breakage, knocks or repairs by personnel not authorized by us.